About Us

Affille is an affiliate marketing company base on teaching young entrepreneur who wants to start online business with affiliate marketing.we have pass throught a lot of challege and difficuilties when we are first starting out but with all the knowledge we get through this journey , we have decided to give it out for you so you will start your own business.


Our Story

Johni Man Affille

My Name is Johni Man, I have been a affiliate marketing business since 2017.

When i am starting out everthing is difficuilt, in 2017 i set a blog website with some content in it, it took six months without geting any traffic.

i fail with that business i didn,t make any money with that website untill it collapse.

2018 i pulish another website with some content but unfortunitly i fail two times but i didn,t give up any mean.

2019 i publish my new blog with this content i atlist make some money that help me run my business till this present day.

I know that in the begining it is not easy but if i can make it you can make it as well