Why You Should Use URL Shortener And Bonus lifetime Access in 2022.

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If you’re working online as an affiliate marketer or content creator, whatever you’re doing online, you know how important is URL shorteners are to your business.

in this short article, we are going to work on where to start, what service you should use, why is URL shortener is important, and plus an alternative, we are going to give you one of our premium URL shortener services for lifetime access,

If it’s sounds go, then let’s get started.

What is Url shortener?

An URL shortener is a website/app that reduces the length of your URL. The idea is to minimize the web page address into something that’s easier to remember and track. 

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you how affiliate links work, but with a URL shortener, you will be able to shorten your affiliate link from https://partner.canva.com/c/3488736/704947/10068 to https://j-link.me/canva

if you want to promote your affiliate link, you know most of the platforms didn’t a lot you to add your affiliate link direct, there’s no way you can promote your affiliate link unless you create a short link or a landing page.

There are many URL shorteners on the market today, including Bit.ly, and Goog. le, and Tinyurl.com. The URL shortening service you choose will maintain the connection between the new link and the original URL. This means that anyone who clicks your new link will be redirected to the original page.

but here is the questions, which one should you use and how expensive are the tools, if you keep reading all questions will be answered.

Why is a URL shortener important?

if you’re promoting an affiliate product, you know how you distribute your link on social media, sometimes the link may be broken or the company will change the service or perhaps, anything can happen who knows.

for instance, you have distributed your affiliate link everywhere on social media, then after some time the link is broken, do you what amount of time it take to replace than one by one, it will take weeks, sometime you will not remember all the places you share your affiliate link.

this is where link shortening services come in, with link shorteners, you will just login to your link shortener service and change the link once the all the links you share on social media will be changed everywhere, that’s the power of link shorteners, it takes only 25-30 second to change everything at once.

URL shortener

which one should you use?

These questions here, I can’t tell go and use this or that, there are tons and tons of link shorteners services out there but be careful many link shortener software is saas scripts which you will end up being scam, many people use nulled script and later will steal your credit card information, so be care full.

I will share with you my top recommendation here, but I adverse you to do a little bit of research before you buy any service online, that’s my adverse for you.

We have our own link shortener service which we are going to offer as a bonus on this article, we bought it on codecanyon, you can check the script here on code canyon so you the prove that’s not a scam or a fake service, currently we are not selling this service because we bought it, and host it for our own business but today we are going to give you lifetime access to this service.

here is the list of the link shortening service we recommend to you, if you have some budget to invest in this but if not, then keep your eyes on our own service.


link shortener

Visit Bitly and check for yourself


tinyurl Affille


rev Affille

Get lifetime access to this URL shortener service

We have our own Url Shortening service that we bought for $45 on code canyon and we host it to help us manage our own business, we never sold this service since we hosted it online.

now we have a special gift for you all by paying only a one-time payment and using it for time access, no recurring payment is needed after this.

URL shortening service

This is a special offer to get the j-link.me Premium URL Shortening Service for Unlimited lifetime access for only 40$ Instead of paying 69.99$ each year or going with a monthly recurring payment.

J-link URL Shortening Service helps you track your audience with simple and easy-to-remember yet powerful links and provide your customers with a unique tailored experience.

Price Comparison:
Bitly: 35$ Per Month Limited Account
Rebrandly: 499$ Per Month Premium Account
t2mio: 89$ per Per Month Premium Account
J-link: 40$ Life Time Access! 

Our service gives you all the premium tools no limited set everything is unlocked, contact us here at [email protected] and we can offer a discount for you but only visible to the first 10 people so hurry because many people are buying it now.

Final Thought

this is from our own interest that we would like to share this premium tool with you, nowhere on the internet, you will find something similar to this, so please, we encourage you to help us if you can, by not sperming this tool.

if you have any questions regarding this product contact us at any time or reach us on our forum so we can help each other and grow together


This article is all about link shorteners and how you should use them, we also offer special service to all our users, we hope you find it helpful if you any problem or you doubt us so don’t purchase it yet, just contact us at [email protected] so we talk and get to know each other first.

that’s how business work, nowadays there are many scammers online so people are all afraid to buy something from someone they didn’t so if you are one of them, then contact us at [email protected]

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