Thinkific Review: Features, Pricing, prons, and cons in 2022.

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When it comes to online course platforms, Thinkific is inevitably included in every discussion. It’s simply one of the best solutions available for selling online courses.

But how good is it really?

Those who are about to create and sell their first course are about to find out that you need the right marketing tools to be successful. Is Thinkific the right platform to use or should you consider looking into Thinkific alternatives?

In this Thinkific review, we’ll look at all the benefits and features that it has to offer as well as how much it costs. By the end of this post, you should have a better idea if this is the right platform for your online course business.

Let’s start with an introduction to Thinkific.

What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is an online platform that allows users to create and sell online courses, it offers features that every course creator needs to manage all their courses in a single dashboard.

Thinkific is a platform that allows users to learn about different topics through videos, articles, and interactive quizzes. They have over 100 courses covering everything from web design to marketing to programming. Thinkific offers a free trial period where you can access their content without having to pay anything. Once you’re ready to start learning, they offer subscription plans starting at $9/month.

Disclaimer: This thinkific review article contains an affiliate link which I may receive commission and you will receive a discount on any of those platforms if you decided to use one of them.

The features of thinkific

thinkific has a lot of features with easy to use dashboard compared to other competitors, you check out our review between thinkific review and teachable so you can know how powerful thinkific features are for your online courses.

Here is the list of the best feature that makes thinkific stand out.

Top FeaturesExplanations
Course BuilderThinkific has ready-made templates that help users to create courses quickly and easily with templates and drag-and-drop editing—no coding needed.
Self-Paced and Scheduled ClassesLet your students choose how they want to take your classes—at their own pace, on a schedule with a group of peers, or both.
Live LessonsThinkific offers recurring live lessons directly through Thinkific to boost engagement and add variety to your course offerings.
Completion CertificatesThinkific offers Incorporate quizzes, assignments, exams, and certificates to gauge—and recognize—students’ progress.
Multimedia LessonsThinkific has multimedia lessons that help to create a varied and effective learning experience using video, interactive files, and externally hosted content, so the medium matches the material.
Thinkific App StoreAccess 80+ apps in the Thinkific App Store to provide an enhanced learning experience, save yourself time, or make your marketing more effective.
Customizable website themesBuild a course website faster with templated marketing pages, or customize it as much as you want with advanced HTML/CSS.
Multiple pagesGrow your site beyond your sales pages—add a beautiful home page, instructor bio pages, a testimonials page, and many more.
Custom domainsPersonalize your included subdomain or use your own custom domain to make your brand the focus.
Integrated payment processorManage your payments, subscriptions, sales, and refunds all in one place with our integrated payment processor.
Checkout optimizationsAccelerate the checkout experience and move your customers to a purchase decision faster with our streamlined checkout process.
Order BumpsEnhance your customer experience by suggesting complementary, value-add products that will enrich their learning experience.
Tax and bookkeeping tools (Coming Soon)Streamline bookkeeping tasks by having key financial reports conveniently accessible within the Thinkific platform.
Course & Community ConnectionBuilding online learning communities that connect with your courses seamlessly, for an all-in-one student experience.
Flexible SpacesHost discussions on specific topics, facilitate introductions or post important updates in dedicated virtual Spaces.
Profiles & MentionsPut faces to names with learner profiles and @ mentions, so students can easily connect in a communal learning environment.
Reactions & ThreadsLet students react and respond directly to comments in a thread, preserving context and continuity.
Bulk SellMake selling and managing multiple seats in a course to a single buyer a breeze – for you and your customers.
Plus APIBuild custom solutions and connections that extend and expand the functionality of Thinkific even further.
Unlimited AdminsGive your team more control with unlimited Course, Group, and Site admin accounts.

Thinkific pricing

Thinkific offers a 20% discount on their annual plan, which started from 49$ up to 399$ per month

use this affiliate link and get 30 days of free premium account to test it out, if you decided to go for the paid plan I will receive a commission which will courses you no extra money.

Free: $0
Basic: $39 per month
Pro: $79 per month
Premier: $399per month

thinkific vs teachable
thinkific princing

Types of lessons to teach in Thinkific

Before you start to create your online course you need to know what material you need in order to create your courses, Thinkific offer different material based on what courses you need to create.

All thanks go to Thinkific, you don’t need to compromise on your students’ learning anymore. 

here is a list of courses to create if you planning to use Thinkific for your online course.

Types of LessonsExplanations
Video Lessons
Video lessons are the best way to interact with your student, Thinkific has all the templates ready, just import your videos, and you are ready to go.
Text Lessons
with text lessons, you will also add images, audios, and downloadable files, all the resources are available on Thinkific, prepared your lessons, and you are ready to go.
Quiz Lessons
Thinkific’s Quiz Creator is simple and easy to use, it let you add more questions and multiply choices for your answer, Thinkific has no features that enable you to add more explanations about the answer
Survey Lessons
you don’t a 3rd part software like google to contact your survey, Thinkific has all the features for you.
Downloadable Lessons

with downloadable lessons, you are free to add whatever files you have ((zip files, videos, audios, PDFs, etc) that your student can download and use.
PDF Lessons
PDF lessons allow you to insert you add pdf files in your course, however, those files are limited to 25MBs by the time this article is published, maybe they have changed.
Presentation Lessons
you can upload your presentation lesson in form of pdf files so your student can access it whenever they are.

Thinkific Coupon Code

does thinkific really offer coupon codes, well, it offers 30 free premium accounts, and you can use all the premium features for 30 days without you paying for anything.

it’s only working through referring code, you can get the 30-day free trial unless someone offers you the link, the link only works with affiliate marketers who are promoting services.

Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate marketer for thinkific, use this link and get 30 days of premium account for free, if you decided to go for a paid plan I will get a commission which will cause you no extra money

Thinkific pros and cons

Thinkific has a lot of pros and cons based on the Trustpilot review which I will share within this article, but here it’s my own review, I did a lot of research before writing this article, and we check some of the reviews in Trustpilot.

Check out our full article comparing thinkific and teachable so you will have a lot of understanding of how strong is the service if you have any double.

Here are the top pros and cons of thinkific based on all our reviews.

GoodPronsNot goodCons
no transaction fees.The free plan comes with limited features.
Free trial period and the ability to create a course without inputting your credit card.It doesn’t come with the ability to conduct workshops or live office hours.
Easy course navigation and organization for enhanced efficiency.Not as many advanced quiz and survey features.
Thinkific offers the flexibility to create as many courses as you want.A little less flexible than Teachable.
You don’t pay extra for video hosting.
Leverage payment gateways like Stripe or Paypal to get instant payments.
You can embed your course sales widget and market your course directly on your blog posts, social media, or third-party website.
no third-party software is required for community learning.
connect custom domain
live lessons with tons of features

Thinkific review in Trustpilot

Thinkific is rated “Excellent” based on 567 reviews on Trustpilot with an average of 4.6

if you have never used the software before and you decided to use it, visit Trustpilot and read what other people are saying about it.

everyone who reviews something, it’s clear that he/she has tested it before, it’s clearly evident if something is good or not based on their review.

thinkific vs teachable


Finally, I hope you found this Thinkific Review article insightful. Have you tried any online course creation software before? Let me know your experiences in the comments section. 

If you want to build a successful career creating online courses, Thinkific course creator will surely prove to be a powerful tool for you!

Disclaimer: This thinkific review article contains an affiliate link which I may receive commission and you will receive a discount on any of those platforms if you decided to use one of them.

Beginners can always start with the free plan. But if you wish to analyze its full potential, here’s a 30-days free trial of Thinkific’s paid plans. I hope this helps you decide if Thinkific is worth using!

you can also check out my comparison between Thinkific and teachable to have more knowledge on how Thinkific works.

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