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Find a Target near me now. We have listed here the popular Target stores near me where you can buy anything you need. You can also use our interactive Google map to find a store very easily and it is also very easy to use.

Target is the 2nd Largest Retailer in the United States and it is just behind Walmart in terms of revenue. Target is a component of the S&P 500 Index and its founder is George Dayton. Its headquarter is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Its First Discount Store was opened in the year 1962.

To Find Target locations near me, please use our advanced Interactive Google map which will automatically show all the stores near you. you can also enlarge the map to see all details. We have also listed the store locations in Popular cities after this map.

Please use Map to find Target near me now.

If you are having difficulties finding a Target store location, here I will list a helpful list and instructions on how to find a location close to you.

View the Map and See the Nearest Target near meStore Locations Near Me

If the map does not display the right area, you may have to change it to the one you need. To do this:

  • Click on the “View Larger Map” text button option in the map’s left-upper corner.
  • Then search for the area you need and tap on the “SEARCH THIS AREA” tab on the next page.
  • Then you will get to see the closest location to you.

Learn More Information About a Particular Target near me Store

To learn more about a Target store hour:

  • Tap on the store’s red symbol on the map.
  • A small map will pop up on the map’s left-upper corner.
  • Thereafter, you will see the store’s average rating, address and name, and hours.

Set Up a Route to a Specific Target Store

To create a route to a particular target near me store, do this:

  • Choose the store on the map.
  • Tap on the ‘Directions’ buttons at the left-upper corner of the map.
  • On the next page you are signed into, specify the starting point of your journey, and thereafter choose the most convenient route.

Find Out Hours of a Specific Company Store

You can find out more about a particular branch of a Target store. To do this:

  • Choose a store on the map
  • Tap on “View Larger Map”
  • A page will be displayed helping you to locate the store hours.

Save a Specific Store Location Using Your Google Account

You can also use your Google Maps to save a specific location for later use. Do the following:

  • Click on the red sign of your store of preference on the map.
  • Tap on the “Save” tab in the map’s left-upper corner. Thereafter, you will be able to get to view the location you seek in the Google Maps app (with your account) at any time.

At the present time, Target services customers only in the United States, with more than 1,900 Target locations in the country. Today, the company’s headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

So, there are the following numbers of target near me locations in each of the American states:

  • Alabama: 27 stores
  • Alaska: 3 stores
  • Arizona: 52 stores
  • Arkansas: 9 stores
  • California: 55 stores
  • Colorado: 41 stores
  • Connecticut: 25 stores
  • Delaware: 4 stores
  • D.C.: 1 store
  • Florida: 15 stores
  • Georgia: 51 stores
  • Hawaii: 6 stores
  • Idaho: 5 stores
  • Illinois: 92 stores
  • Indiana: 36 stores
  • Iowa: 21 stores
  • Kansas: 18 stores
  • Kentucky: 14 stores
  • Louisiana: 16 stores
  • Maine: 5 stores
  • Maryland: 39 stores
  • Massachusetts: 46 stores
  • Michigan: 59 stores
  • Minnesota: 77 stores
  • Mississippi: 6 stores
  • Missouri: 2 stores
  • Montana: 7 stores
  • Nebraska: 15 stores
  • New Hampshire: 9 stores
  • New Jersey: 2 stores
  • Nevada: 19 stores
  • New Mexico: 10 stores
  • New York: 76 stores
  • North Carolina: 49 stores
  • North Dakota: 4 stores
  • Ohio: 58 stores
  • Oklahoma: 14 stores
  • Oregon: 20 stores
  • Pennsylvania: 34 stores
  • Rhode Island: 4 stores
  • South Carolina: 22 stores
  • South Dakota: 5 stores
  • Tennessee: 33 stores
  • Texas: 25 stores
  • Utah: 13 stores
  • Virginia: 65 stores
  • Washington: 39 stores
  • West Virginia: 6 stores
  • Wisconsin: 39 stores
  • Wyoming: 2 stores.

You can also use the below famous tools to find Target Near Me.

Google Map: This Tool is almost good at finding anything near you, whether it is just to locate a store location or you just want to know directions, Google Map should be your no 1 choice. We have done everything for you to simplify your search and you can simply go to the Map given above and see all the stores near you. It will also show the nearest store distance, reviews, ratings, address, phone number, hours of operation, and much more. Just search with any phrase like “Target stores near me” or just give your zip code or current address and you can see all details in search results.

Target Store Locator: It is the Official tool provided by the Target Corporation. You can check this tool on their official website. You need to give your current location details such as city, state, or zip code and it will present you with all the stores in your area. You can find all the necessary details of that particular Target store which you want to visit.

Mobile Apps: App Provided by Target is a multi-functional tool. you can use it for transactions, booking, checking status, and even to find the nearest Target Store. it uses GPS to find a store near your location automatically. It is available on Android and iPhone.

Other Important Resources

Official Website
Target Store Hours


I think this article helps you to find a target store near your location if not, just do a simple google search or use the map in the article to help you find your nearest

let us know in the comment section below if you have any questions

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