Top 17 Recurring Affiliate Programs


The best affiliate programs are those that pay me regularly without any additional promotion or activity on my side. And fortunately, I have found plenty of them. So let’s get started with the list right away.

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So you love the idea of getting paid consistently and regularly for your marketing efforts. I also do, and I love the affiliate marketing programs that keep paying me the recurring commissions. That’s why I have compiled the list of the top 19 recurring affiliate programs for marketers.

Best of all – you can start promoting them right now and earn recurring money from day one. Don’t believe me?

As a marketer, it is important to diversify our income stream.

For example, I have been promoting affiliate programs for more than 5 years now, and I also ventured into creating my products.

But still, you can imagine the substantial effort you require to create your product. That’s why making recurring money with affiliate marketing is just perfect. Isn’t it?

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