Podia vs Thinkific 2022 Comparison | which one is the best.

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if you are thinking right now to laugh your online courses, the question that comes to mind is which online course platform is the best to host your content, that’s the exact reason why you open this article.

for this reason, we are going to review the best two of the popular online course platforms podia vs Thinkific, hopefully, this will help you to choose which one is good for you to laugh your online course.

at this time you have already heard about Thinkific that’s why you need to compare it with another website, but just because it made a great name for itself it’s perfect so keep that in mind.

podia have helped tons of entrepreneur to laugh online courses for years so it’s safe to say that they also know a thing or two about the laughing online courses or any digital products.

in this podia and Thinkific review, we are going to compare both platforms to see which one is best for you based on features, pricing, revenue potential, and more.

Disclaimer: This article contains an affiliate link which I may receive commission and you will receive a discount on any of those platforms if you decided to use one of them.

What are podia vs Thinkific

both podia and Thinkific are online course platforms that helps entrepreneur to laugh online course or any digital product with tons of features like a ready-made template, course builder, and more.

Let’s first define each of these websites and know what they are and later in this article, we will go into details on each of them.


podia is an online course platform that helps entrepreneurs to laugh online courses, it helps thought of people to build websites, and sell courses and digital products.

it comes with many features that will make your work easy and effective, we are going to exploit these features in detail as we continue with this article.

podia vs thinkific


Thinkific is an online course platform that helps entrepreneurs to Create, market, and sell their expertise with a single platform that gives you total control of their brand and business.

Thinkific has been dominating the online course industry for many years now, we have reviewed Thinkific with many other platforms, you can check out Thinkific and mighty networks and Thinkific and teachable, and Thinkifi and Kajabi, and you can check the full Thinkific review.

thinkific vs Mighty Networds

Podia vs Thinkific | Comparison table

podia and Thinkific have many features and some of them are featured only available only each on podia or Thinkific as we are going to exploit them in the table below.

Top FeaturesPodiaThinkific
Free Trial
Course reviews (social proof)
Landing Page, Sales Page Custom HTML/CSS
Send Personalized automated emails to your students
Student progress reporting
Student engagement survey
Advanced exams
Multiple Instructors
The storyline, Captivate, and more
Voice over presentations
Completion certificates
Free, Paid, and Subscription
Coupons & Promotions
Upsells & Bundles
Groups, Bulk sell courses, manage students and track the progress of the students in the group
Advanced Marketing Integrations (ie: Mixpanel, InfusionSoft, Segment.io, etc.)
Affiliate Program
White Labeling
Unlimited Courses, students
Drip Content
Time-Limited Courses
Prerequisite lessons and courses
Bulk Student Import / Enrollment
Site Builder – Drag and Drop Page designer
Themes and Color pickers
Easily add externally hosted content & appsLimited
Custom Domains
Private / hidden courses
MailChimp Integration
ConvertKit Integration
Zapier IntegrationBasicAdvanced
Multiple Course/Site Admins
SSL Certificate
App Store
API Access
Free migrations
Online courses
Memberships and communities
Digital downloadsCan add downloads to course lessons
Unlimited products on paid plans
Visit PodiaVisit Thinkific

Podia vs Thinkific | Pricing

Podia and Thinkific offer three different pricing plans but both have a discount on their annual subscriptions, podia offer 17% on annual and Thinkific offer a 20% discount which we will see in detail below.

Podia pricing

podia has three different pricing plans starting from 39$ up to 199$ per month and they offer a 17% discount on annual subscriptions.

  • Free: $0
  • Mover: $39 per month
  • Shaker: $89 per month
  • Earthquaker: $199 per month
podia pricing

Thinkific pricing

Thinkific offer three different packages starting from 39$ to 399$ per month and up to a 20% discount on annual subscriptions compared to podia with a 17% discount on annual subscriptions.

  • Free: $0
  • Basic: $39 per month
  • Pro: $79 per month
  • Premier: $399 per month
thinkific pricing
thinkific pricing

Podia vs Thinkific | Review

podia and Thinkific are both been reviewed by their own users on different platforms like Trustpilot, C2, and Capterra which we are going to exploit in detail in the next paragram but here, it’s my own review based on my own research and how I view those platforms.

Podia Pros and Cons

GoodProsNot GoodCons
Instant payoutsNo mobile app
Track student progressNo course compliance features, completion certificates, etc.
 easy to useFree plan like that of Thinkific and Teachable is not available
Unlimited bandwidthNo passing grades for quizzes
Offers free migrationCourse builder does not support cloud import
very refined UI, UX, and easy to useThe membership feature is only available in their Shaker plan
Integrated email marketing
Unlimited video hosting
Zero transaction fees
24/7 customer support via email and live chat

Thinkific Pros and Cons

GoodProsNot GoodCons
no transaction fees.It doesn’t come with the ability to conduct workshops or live office hours.
Free trial period and the ability to create a course without inputting your credit card.Not as many advanced quiz and survey features.
You don’t pay extra for video hosting.The free plan comes with limited features.
Easy course navigation and organization for enhanced efficiency.No chat support (they only offer phone support)
Thinkific offers the flexibility to create as many courses as you want.
Leverage payment gateways like Stripe or Paypal to get instant payments.
You can embed your course sales widget and market your course directly on your blog posts, social media, or third-party website.
no third-party software is required for community learning.
Free 30-day trial
Instant fund access

Podia vs Thinkific | Trustpilot Review

podia and Thinkific have been popular in this online courses industry for many years, so we are going to review what people who are using this platform are talking about, if you have never used a website before it’s important to know how people are talking about it.

podia customer reviews in trustpilot

Podia has been reviewed on average on Trustpilot with 2.9 based on 8 reviews which are bad for the people who use it as seen in this image below.

podia review

you have seen how podia users are talking about it, if you decided to use it please don’t discourage but I recommend you to keep on doing research if you can but I’m sure this article helps you a lot.

so if podia have a review average how about Thinkific it is better than podia or not, let’s check it out.

Thinkific Customer Review Trustpilot

Thinkific is rated “Excellent” based on 567 reviews on Trustpilot with an average of 4.6 compared to podia with 2.9.

thinkific Review

so now as we see the user review on both platforms (podia vs Thinkific), it’s clear that Thinkific is way better than podia, so if you are still searching then take a look at our review between Thinkific and teachable

Thinkific vs mighty networks

Thinkific vs kajabi

Thinkific is the ultimate review


I think by now you have made up your mind on which of these two platforms you’re going to use, if you have read the whole article you know which one is the best between podia and Thinkific but if not, let me summarize it for you.

in this podia vs Thinkific article, we have to go into detail about these two platforms starting from what they are, features comparison, pricing, customer review, and more.

Based on this review Thinkific stand as the best online course platform than podia based on anything we review, Thinkific wins everything on this review, do a backup and see for yourself.

we have compared Thinkific to all of its competitors here on our blog, you can check out the Thinkific tutorials category and see how Thinkific is doing with another website.

Disclosure: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. This site is not intending to provide financial advice. This is for entertainment only.

if you really need more features and the best platforms for your online course, we highly recommend Thinkific, it’s not only our opinions, check this article, 21 best online course platforms, and still, Thinkific stands as the best amount the 21 other websites.

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