Jasper ai review in 2022 | Can You Rank on Google with AI Content.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) now days become so popular in the blogging industry but can it really write good content for humans to read, I have been using AI for more than 6 months now and today I’m going to share my experience in this jasper ai review.

if you are a blogger or a freelancer and you are planning to use an AI writer to speed up your work so that you can make more money, please take this seriously if you really want to achieve this goal, read this article carefully.

in this article, we are going to review the entire Jasper ai starting from what is it, what they do, its features, review potential, and more.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links that I receive a small commission for at no cost to you. However, if you use my link you will get 10,000 words for free to test out whether it’s good or not.

What is Jasper ai

jasper ai is an artificial intelligence that is created to write content faster and easier, it comes with tons of features like social media, websites, and more.

jasper is been trained with the world’s best SEO and Direct Response Marketing experts to teach Jasper how to write blog articles, social media posts, website copy, and more.

jasper ai has been one of the best, ai writers in the entire industry as we are going to explain details in this blog post, you can also check out jasper vs writesonic and see which one is the

jasper ai

How does jasper ai work

jasper ai works by collecting information from you like keywords and giving you relevant information based on the keywords you enter, For example, if you want to write an article about “how to make money online” you can just enter the keyword, how to make money online then jasper will write for you an entire article based on the keywords.

Features of jasper ai

Here is the full list of all the features of jasper, all the features will be found in the dashboard after you have a login to your account.

  • Generate blog posts, stories, etc
  • Paragraph Generator
  • Text Summarizer
  • Create social media posts
  • Creative Story
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas
  • Company Bio
  • Sentence Expander
  • Content improver
  • SEO – Title and Meta Descriptions
  • Real Estate Listing – ResidentialAmazon Product Features (bullets)
  • Create scripts for videos, and much more
  • Improve existing content with Content Improver
  • Invite team members to work on the content and copywriting together.
  • Flexible Support
  • Finish your first draft 5x faster in jasper docs
  • Original content that’s 100% plagiarism-free
  • Higher quality outputs with better context
  • Amazon Product Description (paragraph)
  • Engaging Questions
  • Quora Answers
  • Video Topic Ideas
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Video Script Hook and Introduction
  • SEO – Homepage – Title and Meta Descriptions
  • Jasper Community Recipes
  • Find the best keyword opportunities
  • AIDA Framework
  • Blog Post Outline
  • Blog Post Intro Paragraph
  • Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) Framework
  • Product Description
  • Personal Bio
  • Google Ads Description
  • Google Ads Headline
  • Facebook Ad Headline
  • Facebook Ad Primary Text
  • Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph
  • Provides long-form assistance to create longer articles
  • Write emails including subject lines
  • Provides long-form assistance to create longer articles
  • write content in 25+ languages
  • Team User Onboarding
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Maintain Your Brand’s Voice
  • Save Time Writing Content
  • Create original content that ranks for SEO
  • Grammarly included for mistake-free writing
  • Command the AI to write what you want
  • Website Sub-Headline
  • Short Social Posts
  • Video Title and Script Outline
  • SEO – Blog Posts – Title and Meta Descriptions
  • SEO – Product Page – Title and Meta Descriptions
  • Surfer SEO Integration

jasper ai pricing

jasper ai offer three different pricing plan starting from 49$ up to 99$ per month but the business plan is not given unless you book a demo

jasper ai pricing

Jasper’s pros and cons

any website no matter how good or bad they are, people will always talk about it either negative or positive, but now based on my own experience of using jasper for 6 months now, I’m going to review it according to my own understanding.

I recommend you to test it out for yourself so you will know how good or bad it is, you’re not going to pay for it, if you use this link you will get 10,000 words for free to test it out.

GoodProsNot GoodCons
speed up your writing in no timeSometimes the tool provides irrelevant content
Excellent AI writing tool to create better content in any nicheNo app for Android or iPhone users
easy to use interface with beautiful designcontent written by ai with a human summary will not be 100% good
You can use Jasper AI to create blog posts, website content, or even Facebook ads 
write a perfect blog post in less than 5 mins
automatically rewrites existing content on any topic to make it more readable
write original content with plagiarism free
5-day free trial available
affordable pricing plans with tons of features
optimize your content for SEO inside jasper with help of surfer SEO
reporting service works very well
Data migration security

jasper ai review in Trustpilot

jasper ai is been helping many writers online to write content faster and easier, so let’s see how the users are talking about it, this step is very important, if you have never used it before this review will tell how good or bad it is.

jasper ai review Affille

jasper is been rated Excellent with an average of 4.8 based on 3,215 reviews, that’s means jasper is doing good for its users as you have seen in the image.

this is real proof because all the people who review this website has tested it and even some of them are using it now, check all the review and see for yourself.

Jasper ai coupon code

jasper ai doesn’t offer a coupon code but you will get a 5-day free trial through referral, in this free trial period you get 10,000 words for free to test it out before you decided to go for a paid plan.

I have used jasper before I can highly recommend it but don’t just talk my words, try it for yourself and see if it’s really good for you or not.

can you rank with ai content

ai content is not bad, much content is on top of google which is written by ai, I have written more than 15 articles using jasper and they are doing good on the search engine.

many people are saying when google realizes that your content is been generating with ai, it will be kicked out of search results which is not true, I have content in the top 10 of google for more than 6 months and still ranking up to now.

this is the content that I generate using ai, however, I didn’t just copy ad paste the exact words from the ai I add some words and change something to make it good for human readers.

my personal advance to you on using ai writer

if you have decided today to use jasper ai or any other ai content generator, please keep this in mind as I’m going to list some of the important points here.

  • Remember your writing for humans, not a robot, humans understand humans and robots understand robots, keep that in mind.
  • use ai as a writing assistant, not for your entire content writer ( just helper, not like your hiring a freelancer to do everything for you)
  • make your content engaging for humans, ai can’t do that without your help.
  • try to read the content you generate with ai, do you love it, is it engaging, and will you come to read it again.
  • please don’t put 100% trust to ai content google updates change every time, who knows maybe they will announce that ai content is not good, then your entire website will be kicked out of google ranking.
  • I highly recommend you to test it for free first, analyze everything, and compared ai content vs human content
  • always optimize your content for humans, it’s very bad when someone visits you and leaves immediately because of no quality, he will never come back again.


by this time you have already known what jasper is and how it works, we exploit it in detail starting from what is it, how it works, top features customer reviews,s and more.

just test it out before paying money, if it turns out you don’t like it, it will be bad if you pay money, use our link in the article to get a free trial, and test it out first.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links that I receive a small commission for at no cost to you. However, if you use my link you will get 10,000 words for free to test out whether it’s good or not.

check out our comparison between writesonic vs jasper if you are still doing research, we have an entire category-based blogging tutorial may you can check it out if you.

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