20 of the best free traffic sources to any website or affiliate products.

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You probably heard about free traffic, but you don’t know how to get them to your new website/Blog, or perhaps, you have a new affiliate product that you need to promote, but you are still new to online business, you didn’t have an audience yet, and you need people to know about your new business or affiliate product, but how?

this is the exact question we are going to answer in this article, getting traffic to a new website or affiliate products is a big problem to anyone who is still starting out,

if you invest this little time and read the full article, I told you, you will never again worry about getting free traffic to your website or affiliate products.

so we don’t need to talk too much, let’s check them out one by one, I hope you gonna enjoy this!

Search engine optimazation (SEO).

Search engine optimization is the best way to get free organic traffic to your website but the problem is that it will something of around 3 to 6 months before seeing a great result from SEO traffic, if you optimize your website well with SEO believe me every single month you will not worry about traffic to your website.

Reddit is getting 1.5 Billion visitors from google for free.

free trafic

search engine optimization (SEO) is divided into two-part, which are on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

on-page SEO
On-page SEO focuses on optimizing parts of your website that are within your control, by applying on-page seo, you need to link your differest pages to in single post/page,EG, if your post is about make money online, you will need to add a another post link to this article, by saying read related article about make money online, I hope you got that.
off-page seo
off-page SEO focuses on increasing the authority of your domain through content creation and earning backlinks from other websites, by applying off-page seo, you need to build backlinks so your website will have authority to rank higher on google, also you will need to accept guest post to your website, it will tell google that your website is important because other website is linking to your website, look for related website in the same niche with you and add their link in your post, I hope you got that.

Email Marketing

Grow email resized GettyImages 1210244210 Affille

another great way to get free traffic to new products/services is email marketing, Email marketing is when businesses use email to promote their product or service. It is a type of direct marketing, which means you can communicate with the consumer whenever you new products or services to promote, its a great way to promote affiliate products, if you don’t have an email list, you’re really losing a lot of traffic and sales to your products, please go start building your email list now,

I will recommend you the best email marketing tools start for free.

Getresponse and systerm-io including convertKit and Sendinblue, but to sure I test them, the best one is system-io, it a lot you to have up to 2000 email with a free account forever.

Check out the best affiliate marketing tools and products to promote in 2022


Captureyoutube Affille

I am sure you heard about youtube, or perhaps you know it, youtube is the best video platform in the entire universe with over 32.1 billion users every month, these people didn’t visit youtube for fun, many of them are looking for a solution, watching a video about how to make money online, how to build websites, and much more.

it’s a great opportunity for creators on youtube to mention their affiliate link or any product they have in the video description to get free traffic from youtube.

If you’re not using youtube, you are losing a lot of free traffic, go create a youtube channel and start creating content about the product you need to promote, there are many videos on youtube that will teach you how to start a youtube channel, go start a youtube channel now

Direct Traffic

affille Affille

direct traffic is where visitors come to your website directly by typing your website URL, they already know about your website and they can come back any time to see new content on your website, but this type of traffic happens when your website is having a quality content or services, try to create quality content so people will really like your website and come back anything for new content.


Posting and engaging on Reddit is yet another great opportunity to get free traffic for your blog or an affiliate product. Reddit can provide you with a massive amount of free website traffic if you used it well. 

Reddit gets around 1.5 billion monthly users, that was a lot of people to visit your website if you use it well.

The platform consists of an extensive community of people seeking and sharing various pieces of information to enable them to grow their businesses.

As long as it’s your suitable community or group for your niche, Reddit can be beneficial in bringing traffic to your blog. It is one of the widely used free traffic sources for affiliate marketing. Join the community, share valuable content, grow your reputation, and drive more traffic to your website.

However, be sure not to post links anyhow as you can easily get blocked or banned forever.


free traffic

Quora Similar to Reddit is also a QNA platform where people share and seek information on various topics. It is a community of over 630.8 million monthly visits, where everyone in the platform contributes to offering value to others.

Quora links somehow rank higher in search engines, and therefore they guarantee you more traffic to your link.

For instance, whenever you type a question on Google, Quora posts are most likely to appear on the first page because of the high authority backlink as we discuss in the SEO traffic system. Join the community and take advantage of this great community to increase your website’s traffic.

However, if you’re still starting out, remember not to post links anyhow which will lead to your account being banned forever, so be careful.


Pinterest is a great way to get free traffic to your new blog or affiliate link, with Pinterest you don’t have to worry about posting links that you will be banned, it gives you the opportunity to add links to your post directly with is a great way to get free traffic.

Capturepins Affille

here is my Pinterest account created 3 days ago, see the analytics, I really believe those who say Pinterest is the great source of traffic, only 3 days I got some impressions even clicked on my pin.

remember to add keyword description to your pin, which will help you to rank on Pinterest search results

Capturepin Affille


Capturetumblr Affille

Tumblr is a great source of free traffic, it works the same as Pinterest, it a lot you to add links to your blog post directly, Tumblr also gives you the opportunity to create your own blog on their platform which is a great chance for a new website that doesn’t have any traffic yet,

this platform is getting around 300 million monthly visits, take this opportunity to refer them to your website.


Capturemedium Affille

medium is a great platform to get free traffic to your new website or affiliate product, the good thing about medium is that it a lot you to create your own blog on their platform, for example, I have my own blog on a medium where I published every article on my website on medium, it gets around 155 million monthly visits, it’s a great opportunity, you can put your website article or affiliate products on medium to get free traffic to your website.

Remember one if your post your article on the medium, do not add more links on it because the medium will not show it to many people which will lead to failure in the long term, add one or two links to your post in every article.


Capturemix Affille

Mix.com is also a great free social media platform that a lot you to add your link direct and post on their platform, it works exactly like Pinterest and Tumblr, it gets around 800k monthly visits which is still good as long as it’s a free traffic source to your product or website.

add all your website or article link on mix.com every day you have a new article it will help you bring in your website some thousand monthly visits for free.

 Facebook Groups

Facebook has over 1.5 billion users, and if used correctly, can drive free traffic to your website. You will need to utilize the free Groups feature for your business and build a community of members who will become a source of traffic.
Facebook Groups are a way for you to bring together a community for a niche topic. For example, if your website is about ‘blogging,' you could create a blogging group. You can keep it private with permission access required or leave it open for anyone to join.
Either way, you could potentially build up a community of like-minded people who will see your posts and announcements whenever you post them — this is free targeted traffic.
You’ll need to provide helpful information, be responsive, and encourage people to join the group for this to work. If you keep working away, your Facebook group could grow into the thousands.


Captureflipboaed Affille

people benefit the most out of Flipboard you will need to join their publisher program. You should have a website with very helpful content, fewer ads, and fewer affiliate or promotional posts. You should have a working RSS feed. This is really important because most videos about this traffic source never talk about it.

Always use your website URL others your request will be rejected. They want you to have a professional website that you truly own.

If you want to learn more about the Flipboard Publisher program then reach the guide here. IF you are in need of more traffic then the guide below should be able to solve your problem.


Capturetraber Affille

The concept is that you can join groups based on your interests, promote your blogs, and get more shares, traffic, and exposure.

Besides joining communities and interacting with users online, you can also pay to promote posts similarly to Quuu Promote.

You’ll select a URL, and Triberr will display your post to real people that are likely to share your content with their audience.


AllTop is another content aggregator that allows readers to view content from a variety of sources.

Marketers can submit their site to be listed by submitting an inquiry through the Contact page. If accepted, then your blogs will be listed on the site and many people will read your article from top10 website.

By using blog promotion sites, you can increase your backlink opportunities, generate traffic, improve organic rankings, build authority, and reach more people all at the sam time.


Quuu act as  a blog promotion tool that's designed to increase traffic and engagement on your blog posts.
How it works, When you begin using Quuu Promote, you can choose to promote a certain blog post by copying and pasting the URL. Then, the site will share your content on social media with real people in your nicheand you will get free traffic to your website.


Capturelinkedin Affille

Linkedin has over 1.4 billion monthly users and is a brilliant social media site for b2b online marketers. It provides a social platform for you to collaborate with others who have business desires and aspirations.

You can create traffic to your site by, sharing content, building pages, having great profits, joining related groups, creating your own group, and much more.


Capturetwitter Affille

Twitter is another social media site that can bring you a lot of traffic to your website totally for free. You post ‘Tweets,’ which is a short paragraph of text about anything you want from an article on your website.

you would be posting about the niche market your business is focused on and will tweet whenever you post a blog post, make an announcement, or have something to sell.

It would help if your tweets were helpful and interesting — this could be to highlight an article elsewhere or something related to the news.

Twitter get billions of users every month, try to inform this person about your new brand

Guest Post

building Backlinks are highly valuable from an SEO perspective. And as we already build or established, SEO is crucial to driving organic search traffic to your website for free.
One to earn high-quality backlinks to your site is to submit guest blog posts to websites with a strong Domain Authority of about 75 to 95%. If that site publishes your guest post, Google will interpret any links back to your site as a vote of confidence.
Not to mention, you probably expose your brand to another publisher’s audience whic is great for google and your SEO.

Write an E-book

Ebook affille

Writing a book is not only great for sales and authority, but it’s also great for driving traffic to your affiliate products or website.

You can add links throughout the ebook and even have a further resources page at the end, which of course, will link back to your website and drive huge amount of monthly traffic.

People who write ebooks are seen as an authority, so your links and recommendations are typically respected.

The more books you write, the more traffic so keep wirting ebooks or just convert your article to ebooks using free online tool just google sreach will help you to get more tool.

The pop up you see in my website, I used systerm-io, it’s totally free forever, in the free version you will get up to 2000 email in your contact which makes the systerm-io the best email marketing out there because you can not find such a tool out there with 2000 email contact for free.

comment on other Blog

commenting on other blogs related to your niche will you an advantage to appear and expose your content on other blog comments.
 everyone reading their article will also be interested in yours because its the same niche, by doing so, visits will come to your website from another blog post which will help you get free traffic to your website


If you are new to this game or you’re doing it now for a long time, this method of free traffic will help you a lot to boost your traffic, we discuss the best free traffic source.

if you follow the exact step in this article, for the next few months, I am sure, you will come back here to say thank you.

another thing is, you will only get traffic if you provide good value to the people but if you just post low-quality content then it’s not gonna work, remember that.

try to check our main website to get more ideas about affiliate marketing

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