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How can I use the Ahref tool effectively?

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Ahrefs - what is it?

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Ahrefs is s SaaS-type solution (meaning that access to the program is sold as a service that needs to be paid for monthly). It enables its users to carefully plan their marketing strategies online.

The tool allows us to get an insight into a lot of information regarding any website and key search entries. One of Ahrefs' highlights is its readily understood interface, making our usage of Ahrefs not only helpful but also pleasant. For users that do not frequently use this tool, the next advantage might not be so important, but for those who plan serious marketing plans - you will quickly discover how easy Ahrefs is in terms of use.

What does Ahrefs allow us to do?

  1. Get an insight into how many links lead to a specific page, where they have been published, as well as the state in what ways they influence the page in question.
  2. Tell us how many domains mention the website (f.e. news portals, tech forums), so we can imagine how recognizable can a brand be on the web.
  3. To check the number of keywords on the page - this is done to see the number of phrases you have to type in to find the site in the Search Engine Result Phrase - the page with search results.
  4. Estimate the traffic and clicks the page receives - the amount is considered a rough estimate, but it gives us an insight into the site’s popularity.
  5. Quantify the monetary worth of the page’s traffic, if we were to obtain it for our site via f.e: Google Ads.
  6. All the above information is in the context of the past - from the beginning when the page started being tracked by Ahrefs.
  7. See the changes in all the keywords’ positions in the domain made each day.
  8. Compare several sites, and look through the differences in the estimated traffic and key phrases.
  9. Check which of the competition’s web pages are the most popular.
  10. Check who published the site's link which connects it to the page mentioned above and try to promote ourselves through them.
  11. Analyze the type of Google Ads a page uses and its effectiveness (see picture below).
  12. We can check keywords for nine different search engines: Google, Bing, Yandex, YouTube, and f.e Amazon.
  13. Gain access to hundreds, even thousands, of alternative key phrases and their statistics.
  14. You can do a lot, a lot more...
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It is safe to assume that it became clear just how potent of a tool Ahrefs is, as well as how analyzing competition with it can give your company a great competitive advantage. Without further ado, we will now discuss the analysis and the possibilities it can offer us.