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What is the shortcut way to get visitors to my blog?

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Hey I know it sounds crazy when you say shortcut to get visitors to a blog, but to be honest with you, the only way for the shortcut is only if you can buy traffic.

If you have the budget, on a very fast day you will get traffic, by running ads, like Google ads, Facebook ads, and many other social media ads, any social media platform can give you a lot of traffic if you can Invest some money.

I tell you, there is no shortcut without running ads, but if you don't have the budget for ads, it doesn't mean you will not get visitors, no that's not what I mean.

You will still get more traffic without running ads, ok but how, let's find out.

Here are some best platforms to get free visitors to your blog.


Quora is one of the best QnA websites on the planet, will millions of visitors every month,

Why not take this advantage to refer this person to your blog, but how.

Find questions related to your niche, answer them, and mention a link in your answer to refer the reader to your website.

Remember to give real value, do people will trust you enough to visit your website.


Pinterest is also a good place to get traffic, it a lot you to post links directly without any restrictions, post every blog post on your website on Pinterest, and remember to add hashtags in your description.


Reddit is also a leading QNA website just like Quora it has more monthly visitors than Quora, it also you to create your own community and answer questions related to your niche, put links in your answer, and refer readers to your blog.


Linkedin is a social media platform that brings business people together, Linkedin is a little bit different from other social media platforms, many people who visit Linkedin are looking for a job or advertising their business, and you also take advantage to advertise your blog there.


Tumblr is almost the same as Pinterest it gives you the opportunity to add the link direct and post it on the platform.

You will add all your post links on Tumblr and get thousands of free traffic every month but remember no shortcut here, it can take some time to get good results, be consistent and you will see results in the first or second month.

There are many social media platforms out there to give you much free traffic but the goal does not to spam, give real value and you will see results.

This free method is working, it works with me and other people as well.

If this helps you let me know in the comments section,

Let's connect so we can grow together.

Johni Man