How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without a Website in 2022

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Building a website can be time-consuming and quite expensive. 

That’s why many affiliate marketers are now looking for it so hard to start especially when they’re beginning out. However, if you think about it, affiliate marketing without a website might seem difficult, if you don’t know to do it

in this article, I will work you through step by step telling how to start affiliate marketing without a website, I will show everything from beginning to the end, I publish this article because I know how hard to start affiliate marketing without a website is fo me with I am first starting out

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates a third-party publisher to generate traffic or lead to their products and services.

the publisher (you) will sign up for affiliate products and get your unique affiliate link to promote whenever someone buys the product or services through your link you will get a commission.

you don’t need to have your own products to sell or have your own services to sell, you’re going to promote other people or company products or services to promote and get your commission that’s all.

What you need to become affiliate marketer

in affiliate marketing, you will only need your phone or computer and internet connection but in other cases, you may need a website with some content to talk about your affiliate program.

Because in this article we are talking about affiliate marketing without a website, what is required in this tutorial is a phone or laptop and an internet connection.

if you are ready and have all requirements set, ready to start your affiliate marketing without a website then let’s go to the next point and continue our tutorial

How to promote it without Website.

affiliate marketing Affille

Getting an affiliate link is very simple just sign up and your unique affiliate link but promoting it is the big problem to anyone who is starting out with an affiliate marketing business even though they are already in this business.

Many people who are working online around the world will make not buy products or services from anyone they don’t know about sometimes people they don’t trust, why, because the internet is full of hackers, once you enter your credit card on any website they will track your card some times steal your money.

what about you who is starting out, who know about you or your services, so it is very hard but I will work your thought point mentioned below if you follow exactly you will see results.

1. Promote Through Social Media

affiliate marketing 1 1 Affille

social media is one of the great options for you as an affiliate marketer, Some of the best social media websites that generate real traffic are Linkedin, Pinterest, tumbler, and medium.

you can use those websites like your own blog, create a free account and post your article direct, add your affiliate link and start getting a free account on your blog for free.

check my medium and LinkedIn account and see how I publish my article there to give you some motivation to start doing the same as I do

2 Promote Through Forums or Online Communities

affiliate marketing 2 Affille

Forum or community websites are the best way to discuss and tell people about the affiliate products your promoting.

use forum websites like Quora and Reddit, create accounts on those websites, try to ask questions and answer questions related to the affiliate products.

but remember one thing before you start to promote your affiliate link on those websites, quora, and Reddit even other community websites, they don’t allow direct affiliate link promotion unless you create a landing page.

make sure you give a real value so that people will trust you and click your affiliate link and buy your products,

3. Use YouTube Videos

affiliate marketing 4 Affille

Youtube is the second search engine in the world after Google, almost every affiliate marketer used youtube to promote their affiliate marketing business.

Go to youtube and create a free account, create content related to your affiliate marketing niche, it should be a product or services review or video tutorial that talks about a product or services you’re promoting in your affiliate marketing business

assuming you promoting tubebuddy affiliate program or the Getresponse affiliate program, it doesn’t matter what products or services you promote.

try to create videos about how to use tubebudy for your youtube videos or how to use Getrespones for your email marketing

4. Create an ebook

affiliate marketing 3 Affille

many business owners use to give free ebooks teaching their clients how to use their services, but you will say how will you promote your affiliate marketing business with an ebook if you will be giving it out for free.

you can give out free ebooks for so many reasons

1 give free ebooks with an exchange of email so that next time you will be able to contact your client whenever you need them, do you know many people will visit your website once and never come back.

but if you have his email, you will still contact them for any new product or promotion you have.

make sure you add your affiliate link in the ebook so that they will be able to click on it when they are reading your ebook.

if you don’t know how to create an ebook don’t worry, you will have a free PLR ebook and give it for free to your client, PLR means private label right, you have the license to sell.

Get your free PLR ebook for your clients

2 Build your email list with an ebook.

create an ebook and give it to your client with an exchange of email, almost all affiliate marketers are using email to promote their products and services.


In this tutorial about affiliate marketing without a website, we show you all the steps we take when we are still starting out.

all the steps really work for us and we make a lot of money using this strategy, the important one is using a forum or community website to promote our affiliate products.

it works well for us but for you, it requires hard work from you, it will take some time to start making a lot but in the beginning, is so hard.

don’t give up be consistent, work every day and you will see results.

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Thanks for your time, GOODLUCK!

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