affiliate marketing vs dropshipping in 2021: which one to choose?

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Both affiliate marketing vs dropshipping will allow you to make money by selling other people’s products.

We all know that it’s not easy to start an online business unless you choose what you will do to make money online. For this case, we select two of the best online business ideas that you will start without investing any amount of money.

Among those two are affiliate marketing and drop shipping; those are what people think about whenever they plan to build an online business because it requires no investment, is free, and is easy to start.

One of them is the best idea for building a strong online business in 2022; let me know which one you think is the best to start with; tell us about which one is the best in the comment section.

what is affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing vs dropshipping

Affiliate marketing promotes other people’s products or services; you get a commission whenever someone buys the products through your affiliate link.

With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to have products or services to start selling because your to promote other people’s products is free with affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you only promote a link provided to you by the owner of the products you’re going to promote; whenever someone clicks on the link, you get money, simple.

what is dropshipping

affiliate marketing vs dropshipping (1200 x 500 px)

Dropshipping is an online business model that lets you run an eCommerce business without stocking any products. 

 how it works:

  • As a dropshipper, you run your dropshipping store
  • You sell the products on your eCommerce store
  • The customer completes the transaction with you at retail price
  • Once they have paid you for the product, you order it from the merchant at the wholesale price
  • It is shipped directly to the customer who thinks it has come from you
  • You make a tidy profit.

Dropshipping is a great business model for anyone who wants to run an eCommerce business on a lean budget. Please don’t have the cash available to invest in large amounts of inventory or to pay for warehouse storage.

Dropshipping allows absolutely anyone to run an eCommerce business.

It’s also an excellent choice for those looking to test products on the market. See if you can sell someone else’s product before investing a ton of money on inventory and storage upfront.

the diffrent between affiliate marketing vs dropshipping.

affiliate marketing vs dropshipping (1200 x 500 px) (1)


  • take order from your website, then pass to the product’s manufacturer.
  • you set for yourself the price of dropshipping product.
  • customer will buy a product from your website and you will pass them to the product manufacturer.
  • you need to setup a an ecommerce website to display your dropshipping products.

Affiliate marketing

  • Recommend product to people through social media, SEO, and ads manager.
  • you earn a commission for each sell you make.
  • a customer will click a link from your website and wil be redirected to buy the product, you will earn a share of that sell.
  • setup a blog website or promote manually.

simirality between affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

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Affilliate marketing.

  • Sell someone’s product or services!
  • You do the promotion yourself!
  • There is no limit in terms of income opportunity!
  • Easy to start since no investment is needed
  • Low risk  involved compared to other businesses


  • Sell someone’s product or services!
  • You do the promotion yourself!
  • The same in Dropshipping
  • Easy to start since no investment is needed
  • Low risk involved compared to other businesses

affiliate marketing pros vs dropshipping pros.


  • low risk since payment is made after a product is sold
  • Low startup costs because you only need a website to start.
  • You set the products price for yourself.
  • Build your own business.
  • higher profits
  • Get targeted customers through advertisement

Affiliate marketing

  • Free to start since most affiliate program is free to join
  • Earn passive income since most affiliate marketing pay recurring commission
  • No customer support is needed because customers will be redirected to the merchant(owners) website.
  • Build your own online business.

affiliate marketing cons vs dropshipping cons.

Affiliate marketing

  • Some Companies pay low commissions.
  • You Have no control over the price
  • some companies delay payout.
  • Commission rate changed without warning.
  • Sending visitors to another website after clicking th affiliate link.
  • some niche is tough to start because of high competition


  • your responsible for customer services or support of the product sold.
  • You have no control over the quality of the product or delivery.
  • Marketing of dropshipping is becoming a competition nowadays.
  • Building relationships with customers will take a while.

which is more profitable.

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Affiliate marketing and drop shipping are the best options for anyone who needs to start an online business but if you are looking for profitable ideas, then go for dropshipping.

with dropshipping, you have all the control over the price of the products compared to affiliate marketing, where you only get commission after you recommend the product to the customer.

in dropshipping, per sell, you will up to 80% of the income since you set the price by yourself compared to affiliate marketing, where you get around 10-30% of the income you generate your affiliate link.

if your looking to earn more income, then get ready to start your dropshipping business today.

which one is easier.

affiliate marketing vs dropshipping 1200 x 500 px 4 Affille

Now it is time to discuss which is easy; I say affiliate marketing, why. Because with affiliate marketing, you will be able to build a passive income stream.

beginning of affiliate marketing is always challenging because you need to add some content on your blog, from 15-20 blog posts in a specific niche, you will need to add an affiliate link to your blog, optimize SEO on your blog.

Your traffic will grow as you add more and more content to your blog website, and your earnings will gradually increase over time.

after finishing all the beginning then you will start to get more and more passive income every month if you affiliate marketing with recurring commissions.

which one is better.

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Many people will be asked. Saying which is the clear winner is pretty tricky – it mostly depends on your preferences and expectations. For many people, affiliate marketing is the better option.

With affiliate marketing, you will start even without a website, and you will only focus on promoting your affiliate link through social media, forum websites like Quora and Reddit; by doing that, you will be able to get sells without having to invest money on creating a website.


In these tutorials about affiliate marketing vs dropshipping, we show you all step by step everything we know about this two business.

all the two are ok whatever you choose; I hope it will work with you; remember one thing before you choose any of these two, make sure you choose what is good for you.

I mean choose something that you know a bit of it because it is going to be a long term business.

Thank you for your time, i hope thos tutorial will help you make a choice for your new business.

Check our blog for more affiliate marketing and online business ideas that will help you in the long term, comment down below on everything. Our team will always be here to answer your questions

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