How to Create Affiliate Marketing Funnel in 7 Step

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You’ve probably heard of affiliate marketing and how it can help you make extra money on the side, but it can be hard to conceptualize how you can actually do it. Affiliate marketing takes many forms, from selling physical products to selling digital products to selling services. No matter what kind of affiliate marketing product you’re trying to sell, there are seven steps that will help you create your Affiliate Marketing Funnel and get your product or service out into the world. This guide will walk you through those seven steps so that you know exactly what to do.

Create your affiliate offer

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Without a good offer, there’s no reason for anyone to sign up. Your affiliate marketing funnel starts with your product or service. This should be something you sell either on your own website or through one of the many affiliate networks out there like Amazon Associates, Clickbank, and CJ Affiliate. Before you start creating an affiliate marketing funnel, make sure you have a profitable product or service ready to go! Step 2 – Create your affiliate program: Now that you have a saleable product or service, it’s time to create your affiliate program so that affiliates can promote it.

Determine what type of traffic you need

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Without traffic, you can’t make money. If you have no idea how much traffic you need, here are some basic estimates that should get you started. There are two main types of traffic: direct and indirect. When creating your affiliate marketing funnel, it’s important to know what type of traffic will be easiest for you to attract. Both options will require a significant investment of time and energy so it is important that you choose wisely from the beginning! Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

Have I tried any traditional advertising avenues in my niche? If so, which ones work best? Do you have a budget for online ads? (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, Instagram Ads etc.) What are your goals with affiliate marketing? How much time can you devote to creating content/finding products/running ads etc.? Do you want full control over your business or do you just want to earn passive income while working elsewhere? It is important that you consider all of these factors before deciding what type of traffic will be most beneficial for your business.

Create a landing page

This is a page on your website where visitors arrive as a result of clicking on links in search engine results. You can also send visitors directly to landing pages. The URL of a landing page is sometimes called a landing page address or landing page URL. Because search engines catalog your site by URL, you should use different URLs for each page you want to be indexed. Keep things simple, and choose one keyword phrase per landing page URL.

Write a compelling sales copy

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Like we said, you have very little time on a landing page—about 10-15 seconds. Your sales copy needs to be written in a way that encourages your customer to take action right then and there. If you’re on your own website, we recommend using tools like HubSpot’s Content Optimizer or Unbounce’s Landing Page Builder , both of which allow you to split test different headlines, calls-to-action (CTAs), etc. and see what performs best before publishing it.

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Now that you’ve built your sales funnel, you can build tracking links for each step of your lead generation process. Use a platform like Bitly or J link its free to create and shorten links. This way, it will be easy for you and others in your company (like sales) to check on your campaign’s performance.

You’ll also have a more accurate idea of which channels are performing best by seeing how much traffic comes through various channels. You might even begin incorporating those into your regular marketing plan. A/B test new variations by sending out segments of traffic over different platforms with different messages to see what converts best for you!

Send out your traffic

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Send a link of your content piece via Facebook Messenger, Email, Text Message, WhatsApp, or Viber to your targeted customer list. You can use tools like Vibe or Mailchimp or you can directly send it out yourself. You can even call them if you prefer. It is essential that you send it out within 30 minutes of creating your content piece so that you get more views on social media and search engines.

Get more signups

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You need signups (awareness) in order to drive traffic. The more quality signups you get, the more money you’ll make. So start thinking about: What tactics can I use that will allow me to get more high-quality signups? How can I add value so people want to sign up for my newsletter/website? Can I offer something valuable at a low price that they’re willing to part with their email address for?

Do I know anyone who might be interested in joining and would recommend it to others? Would other bloggers be interested in promoting my content for free if it helps them build their audience and credibility as well? Who else may benefit from my product or service besides those on your list already and what do they need from me to join by giving them free information first before asking them for their email address?


An affiliate marketing funnel is a method of getting visitors to your website who can become customers. Whether you’re in e-commerce or blogging, building a strong, targeted affiliate marketing funnel will help you develop more traffic for your business. A common misconception about affiliate marketing is that it costs money and takes time—but it doesn’t!

Here are 7 simple steps to creating an affiliate marketing funnel that will attract your ideal customer and give them all they need in order to buy from you. Try these tactics on your own site or on another you wish to promote; with any luck, it could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship between potential buyers and your brand. Check out our Blog for more affiliate marketing post.

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